Importance of Local and Remote Backups

Why do Backups?

backup filesHard drive failure is the most common cause of data loss, both among professional and personal computer users, and once a hard drive fails, there is little chance of recovery. That is why it's important to back up your computer regularly in order to protect it from hardware failure.

Backup your data by using MJJT Remote Backup System, it will give you greater peace of mind.

If your business is like 80% of small businesses, you know you need to do backups, but you may not do your backups properly. Many people put their business at risk. Losing data is not an option. You could lose your data from malicious viruses, hardware or system malfunction, human errors, theft of equipment, or any other reason. Backing up all your data and files makes your life worry-free.

Backing up means keeping a copy of your important files in a separate location, for retrieval in case of an emergency. The best plan for doing backups is having local and/or remote copies of your data.

data backupMJJT Remote Backup System is insurance for your data. Start protecting your business today.

Give us a call to discuss your particular needs. We can manage and check all backup data and files to meet your highest quality standards. We store your data fully encrypted and protected in our data centers. Only you can access your data by using your own encryption key.